Spring Commencement Information
Congratulations on your achievement! MUTO is not handling tickets for Spring Commencement. For questions and information, please contact: 
[email protected]

No, we are no longer a Ticketmaster outlet. To buy Ticketmaster tickets, visit www.ticketmaster.com, or call (800) 653-8000.

Yes! MUTO provides ticketing services to a variety of events. To find out more or submit an inquiry visit our What We Do page!

No. There is only one place where you can buy athletic tickets: The Athletic Ticket Office, at the corner of State Street and Hoover Street. This applies to all University sporting events. We do, however, validate a student football ticket for use by a non-student. Find more information on ticket validation on the M Go Blue website.

No, these tickets are usually sold at the Michigan League Ticket Office, on the first floor of the Michigan League.

In some cases and for some venues, MUTO inventory may be shared with other ticketing companies, such as AXS. Third party vendors, secondary markets, or brokers, are in violation of our ticketing policy at all venues, and those orders are subject to cancellation without notice. Michigan Union Ticket Office at the University of Michigan cannot, and does not, guarantee the validity of tickets purchased through third parties. To ensure safety of validity of tickets always purchase tickets using the MUTO website or ticket office.


A service charge is an additional fee placed on the price of a ticket purchased in advance of a show. The revenue generated by the face value of each ticket sold is distributed between the artist, concert promoters, production company and venue. So, in order to continue providing service, the box office must apply a service charge to the ticket price to help pay box office operating costs. MUTO sets its service charges below competing ticketing agencies to ensure we are offering students and the Ann Arbor community a competitive price. Occasionally, the promoter of an event may add additional fees (event, facility, credit card, etc.) but this does not apply to most events MUTO sells.

MUTO phone and online fees are the same and increase per ticket based on ticket price (maximum is $6.50 per ticket). Counter sales at MUTO at the Michigan Union are $1. Sales on the day of the show have no service charge attached. There is a $2/order fee for maling and a $1/order fee for holding tickets at Will Call.

You can buy tickets without fees at the door the night of the performance as long as the show is not sold out.

No, the same service fee is in place for both online and telephone orders.


MUTO accepts cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Short codes can be accepted for group sales. Vouchers can be accepted for Passport to the Arts events.

A credit or debit card may be declined if it is expired/invalid, or if the billing information, such as a billing zip code, does not match what your card company has on file for you. First, double-check with your credit card company to see which information they have (call the 800-number on the back of your card). Then give us a call if this happens, and we will make sure that the order did not actually process and tickets were not reserved. You may need to try your order again with a valid card or cash. Declined charges often show up as a "pending" charge on your account. They are a temporary authorization from your credit card company, and should drop off of the account naturally in (usually) 3-5 business days.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds or exchanges. In the event of a cancellation, a refund for tickets may be issued at the option of the management. Management may refund the face value of tickets for performances that have been cancelled. Any processing or other fees will not be refunded. Refunds will not be offered for performances that are pending rescheduling. Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the manner in which it exercises its discretion to offer refunds or to offer no refunds consistent with MUTO's refund policy. When an event is cancelled without a rescheduled date, patrons will be notified via purchaser email and refunded by the original payment method (if cash payment, a check would be issued). If there is a rescheduled date, orders will be exchanged into the rescheduled date and patrons will have 30 days to request refunds. This information will be communicated via email.

Ticket Delivery

After your purchase online you should receive two emails: a confirmation email followed 5-30 minutes later by an email with a single PDF attachment which includes all tickets ordered. Note that there is a 5-30 minute window of time between purchase and email delivery of tickets. If tickets haven't arrived after 30 minutes, please check your SPAM folder. If there are no tickets in your SPAM folder, please reach out to MUTO to check on your order. You can either print out your tickets in advance, or display them on your phone to be scanned in at the door. If you didn't receive your tickets and/or your confirmation, MUTO can resend them - just email [email protected] and request a resend, please include your name/order number.

Tickets are sent via a PDF in a separate email from your confirmation. Simply print the PDF at any time. You can either print them out or present them at the venue on an electronic device.

MUTO sends out mail once a week, so mail can take up to 14 days to arrive. If you haven't received your tickets by this time frame, MUTO can reissue them at the counter or virtually.

If your confirmation email says "Will Call," you can pick up your tickets during MUTO's business hours. Most events with a Will Call option also offer the chance to pick up tickets at the venue right before the show, but you may wait in line at the door. It is advised that you arrive at least a half hour before each event. Please note, Will Call tickets may become unavailable at MUTO after a certain point in time, in order for the tickets to be transported to the event venue. This typically happens around 3 p.m. on the day of the show for weekday events, and as early as Thursday or Friday for weekend shows.

Please bring a photo ID that matches the name on the order, and/or your confirmation email.

Account Management

Creating an account when you purchase allows you to enter and maintain contact information, newsletter subscription status, see your upcoming shows, and verify your email address. If you didn't create a user account and purchased tickets as 'guest', MUTO will still have your order information but you won't be able to edit your contact info.

On MUTO's account login page, there is a "Forgot Password?" button that will prompt you to enter your account email. When that is submitted you will receive an email prompting a password reset.


MUTO is often hiring ticket agents, especially just before/at the beginning of each academic semester. Search for available "Clerk C" positions under "University Unions." Please note that you must be a University of Michigan student with a Work-Study award from the Office of Financial Aid to work as a ticket agent at MUTO.