Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges will be granted unless the show is cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, processing / service fees will not be refunded. Refunds will not be offered automatically for performances that are pending rescheduling, however refunds may be requested for one month following announcement of the rescheduled date. Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the manner in which it exercises its discretion to offer refunds or to offer no refunds consistent with MUTO's refund policy.

We will message you via the email address provided when purchasing your ticket regarding exchanges and refunds.

Any refunds issued will be applied to the credit card that was originally used to purchase the ticket (if purchase was made under six months ago).

Paid by Cash or by Credit Card over 45 days ago? Please verify your address with us and we will mail you a check for any refund that will be issued to you.

Change cards? Please verify your credit card information with us. If your refund has already been processed to your old card, please contact your bank or card issuer for next steps.

Why did you only get ticket face value for your tickets? The ticket fees support the infrastructure to sell tickets in such an accessible manner. It also pays for the staffing, mailing, accounting – and now the refund processing, communication, and logistic work MUTO does to ensure a positive experience so you can get your refunds. MUTO is charged back all refund and processing transactions, fees ensure our business doesn't lose money or charge money to our loyal clients.